Our cargo van will be taking entries to the Anderson Arts Center on Friday March 31st  directly from the Gateway Arts Center.   If you are interested in this service- Mail or Deliver your prepared Anderson entry paperwork with check sealed in an envelope with a $5 fee per entry for each piece to be transported at our facility before March 31.           These pieces do not have to be the work displayed at the Juried Show or Salon venue.                    Or pay fee below and your paperwork will be filled out for you:

Anderson Art Taxi and Entry Fee

Taxi $5.00 per piece-$10.00 Entry Fee $35 Paperwork and PayPal service charge $2.00


2018 Gateway 1st Annual Juried Competition

 February 16, 2018  –  March 31, 2018

ARTIST PROGRAM click here   GATEWAY Juried show program


Westminster Music Centre  101 W Main St.   For Hours: westminstermusiccentre.org

Final Art Pick Up- 

Saturday March 31st   10-5pm      Call for available appointments:  Sunday April 1st

Monday April 2nd  and  Tuesday April 3rd  10-5pm


Juror’s Statement:

It is for me a privilege to support this meaningful initiative of creating a space, a place for art in the heart of Westminster and also in people’s hearts and lives. A place for fellow artists to call home; a temple for us all to pray together and showcase our commitment to beauty, peace, love and creativity.

It is an honor to serve Gateway Arts Center as Juror. Jurying its 1st annual art show is certainly a pleasure for me and is no doubt, a serious and a difficult task. My intention is to keep the process as objective, knowledgeable and fair. My goal is to help expand fellow artists abilities and techniques and definitely not to change or shut down any artist’s personal voice or expression.

Two principles under which I intend to approach such delicate task:

Honor every artist by giving each artwork a careful, thoughtful and objective evaluation, no matter what category, technique, medium or subject matter, as I view every artwork as an individual’s voice and passion.

Assess each piece as vigorously as I assess my own work.

Evaluation of artworks will be based on:

Originality: This includes concept, creativity and visual impact of the piece

Craftsmanship: this includes physical presentation of the artwork, mastery of technique used and application of principles of arts and design. These principles of art and design may sound intimidating or even frustrating.  These rules in my opinion are tools that, if well understood and wisely implemented can: enhance artists’ work; help to achieve their goals; and reach higher level of creativity.

I am a fellow visual artist and professor of art and design. I owe my passion for visual arts to a gifted Mediterranean family of artists and my knowledge and expertise to 12 years of college education and teaching in diverse fields of visual arts, applied arts and design including: the fine arts [sculpting, painting and drawing, color theory, conceptual arts, video and photography]  and design [2d and 3d, clothing, environmental and pre-computer graphic design, visual communication]- as well as extensive experience of over twenty-five years of daily practice.

I have created and sold thousands of original pieces in the USA and abroad. Many reside in Museums, Corporate Offices and fine homes. My artwork has received diverse awards of excellence and has been featured on major TV channels including CNN, NBC and FOX news. I continue to learn during my journey as well as from my students, those I mentor and the artwork I’m honored to jury.

I enjoy art and I do it with a great deal of Love.

Chouaieb Saidi

Decatur, GA.