In light of a car scratching incident occurring on an access easement at the Bigfoot festival this month, Dorothy Meredith has chosen to resign from the Board to reduce increased harassment from “friends” of the party involved. She has denied responsibility but offered to pay for damages in order to end the issue but it has only accelerated.

If there is ‘official information’, Alan and I were not notified as nothing actually took place on the Gateway property.

While attending to guests inside the Center during normal business hours, I was unaware the incident until the threatening phone calls started- bullies who know nothing about what we do here have taken it upon themselves to slander the organization with false accusations. [Vowing to ‘shut our doors’; warning that ‘Pocahontas or Bernie Sanders voters better not live in Westminster’ (I’m guessing this is an assumption based on clichés about Artists as these people are not friends of mine) and presuming to tell me that ‘the parking lot is not my property’).

However, there is nothing I personally could of done to prevent any of this as I have always been working 24/7 on art programs that benefit everyone in this community.

Melody Davis

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