Gift Certificates available.

After School Program-

  • Teacher referral and behavior contract required. (school email accepted)-we prefer those most interested in the arts.
  • 12 spaces available– first come, first serve.
  • Monthly calendars will be posted in advance.
  • Holiday Weeks- closed
  • Monday- Thursday  3:00 – 5:55 pm ($5 penalty for late pick-up payable next day- 2 instances = termination of agreement)
  • No Fridays due to scheduled Gallery Events. * teenage interns willing to learn gallery procedures are the exception on opening nights.
  • ages 5 – 12  – will have help with homework, then games and craft time
  • children aged 13-17  – Art Interns, help children do homework and around the gallery for show set up. Receive drawing and painting instruction. Opportunities for offsite events and paid camp assistant positions.
  • Contracts: $50 per week (all hours /all four day contract) or $12.50 single day contract.
  • Drop ins – deposit $35,  up to 10 random days each semester regardless of capacity 12.50 per day.

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Kids Kamp: Preparing for Next Year

  • Recycling and Re- purposing is our focus- donations are appreciated: house paint & brushes; findings, beads & buttons; string, material & yarn scraps; puzzles, small toys; small squeeze bottles(mustard type) crayons, markers & pencils;  paper, cards & glue etc
  • 75.00 per student    Exceptions may apply in your case.
  • Scholarships will be sought for those who would like to attend but find it cost prohibitive so don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Students will complete 7-8 themed works of art in 2d and 3d medias.
  • 5 years of age and over
  • All projects have related real world lessons in nature, art techniques and history.
  • Materials include painting, drawing, multimedia, assembly and a gallery display after each camp.

Photo Gallery  

Snakes, Lizards and Fish


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Fish …and bugs

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 Week 2       July  9-13      9 am–12 pm   

  Hot Fun Summer in the City

All Done
Kids and Krew


New Friends

Statue of Liberty Pop Art

Alley Cats


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3D Roads and Bridges


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Name Creatures, Skylines and Suncatchers


Multimedia Paint Project


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Campers get canvases and paint with droppers, string, cars, water guns, bubbles, marbles, bubble wrap and GI JOE boots

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Playing with paint

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Masking tape, Spray paint and Dish soap


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The Unveiling

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group photo

Miss Bella