Informal “Art Group”

Tuesday 10 am – 12 pm 

Bring what you have- no matter what it is and we can work together to finish it. Some supplies available in house. Experienced artist leaders will be on hand to help.    $7 fee applies. 

“Basic Drawing And Painting Lessons”

Tuesday 1 pm – 3 pm (also avail mornings)

Start or finish. In-depth individualized instruction. Learn the tools, mediums and techniques to improve your artwork.  $25 2  hours.

“Sip and Dip Debut”  

 with Barbara Bayliss

  “WATERLILIES”  March 1st  6-8pm

Workshop Regular $25 per person or Member $20 members per person     —-2-3 hours class duration- completed project at session end  —— Palette & materials provided. —- You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you like. Register on contact form at the end of this page/ pay in person.

Art Class Expo-Try Your Hand!!  

 Saturday, February 24  11 am – 1 pm

Intsruction. Demonstrations. Illustrations. Make something to take. Find your niche.              $20     LUNCH: Potato and Corn Chowder with Ham served with Cheese Quesadillas; Cookies, Sweet Tea and Coffee

  • Landscape Painting     Monica Leaning         oil, acrylic, pastels                                      Expo Demo- Landscapes  Take home- Postcards                                                               Workshop: Landscapes Three Ways
  • Line Drawing     Melody Davis          drawing and acrylic painting                                  Expo Demo and Take Home-  Perspective Drawing                                                          Classes:  Basic Drawing and Painting
  • Paper Making      Jim Bandy        photographer                                                                      Demo and try your hand at this technique                                                                        Class: Paper Making for Collage & Photograph Prints  
  • Ice Printing On Fabric    Bonnie Ouellette       art quilter                                                   Demo and Take Home-Printmaking  for Fabric and Paper                                           Class: The Versatility of Gelatin Plates
  • Coiled Basketry     Dorothy Meredith         pine needle basket maker                             Pine Needle Demo  Take home a coiled cord basket                                                       Class: Traditional Pine Needle Basket with Findings 
  • Smart Phone Tips    Alivia Davis      smart phone and social media expert                   Ask any question and she can answer it!                                                                             Classes: “Are You Dumber Than Your Smart Phone”                                                             ” Using Facebook and Instagram”                                                                                        ” Taking, Editing & Managing Photos
  • Summer Camp     Barbara Bayliss      class previews                                                              See and do what your child will be doing at camp                                                          “Kids Kamp”
  • Wire Jewelry    Diana Winuk     sterling  silver necklace                                                   Demo and Hands on                                                                                                                  Class: Silver Wire Pendant on Sterling Chain
  • Imagination 101   Patsy Johnson    Refresher in playing with paint                                Class: find the joy – learning to paint like a child again   

Class Expo Lunchoen




Step-by Step- Painting Class. Produce one finished work in a 2 hour workshop.       Register on form at the end of this page. 




1) Are You Dumber Than Your Smart Phone?                      

  •  Alivia Davis, Instructor  Gateway Arts Center’s Social Media Expert
  • $25/2 Hours
  • Experienced instructor packed the house for her last workshops
  • Guaranteed you will love the hands on, no-nonsense approach

    Facebook and Instagram Beginners             25.00/2 hours

    Taking and Editing Smart Phone Photos    25.00/2 hours

2) Classic Photography-                                      Architectural Landmarks Westminster

  •  Jim Bandy,  Instructor  Photographer for the City of Seneca                             Experienced and approachable.  Dive in!


1) BYOB  “Sip and Dip”  Step by Step Painting [1 session]

  •  Workshop Regular $25 per person or Member $20 members per person                      
  •   2-3 hours class duration- completed project at session end
  •   Palette & materials provided.  You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you like 

 2) Creativity 101 –Mixed Media [2 hour session]  

  • Patsy Johnson- $35.00  Painting for the fun of it.
  • Materials provided- bring a hair dryer!  

3) Step By Step Masters Project Painting  [2-3 sessions]   

  •  Beginners/ $65.00 per person – 1 completed work in style of the Masters
  • Vincent Van Gogh-    “Starry Night Over Oconee”   (paint on board)
  • Jackson Pollock-   “Standing Room Only Drip Painting”  (paint on canvas)
  • Rene Matisse-   “Simple Scissors”         (cut paper design)
  • Jean Miro-   “Whimsical Worlds”    (liquid water color, ink, marker)

4) Beginning Landscape Painting [oil or acrylic]

  • Monica Leaning,  Experienced Teacher and Adult Class Instructor
  • Learn the Basics- choosing a subject; color mixing; tools and techniques
  • On the way, find new ways to express yourself with the best!

5) Acrylic Painting     Individual or Group Lessons

  • Melody Davis- Instructor
  • Basic to Intermediate Lessons


"A Long Way From Paris" acrylic on canvas  Melody Davis

5) Oil Painting and Watercolor

  • Basic to Intermediate Lessons
  • Monica Leaning-Instructor


empty handed MDavis pencil 28x22

1)  Draw I: In-Depth Lessons Groups or Individuals

  • Afternoons- Instructor Melody Davis
  • pencil,  graphite,  charcoal,  pen and ink
  • $20.00 one hour-  $35.00 two hours/ per person [members]
  • Some supplies provided
  • Begin from the ground up- learn structure and perspective
  • Practice Sketching; Line; Shading; Tools and Techniques
  • Years of anatomy, design and drawing expertise available to                                     help you expand your artistic tools

2)  Draw II  – Complete Drawing Series  

24 hours [2 hours each] $250.00 [members] Friday Mornings or Any Afternoon                    Register on form below

  • Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Pen and Ink
  • Line;  Shading -Form and Depth and Texture; Space/Negative Space;                       Perspective; Fore Shortening
  • Human Body-Gesture Drawing, Hands, Feet,The Face


fiber art…………………………………………..

 Paper Making   [under construction]

  • Instructor Jim Bandy
  • make papers for photography, collage or scrapbooking

 meredith 125 walnut shell basket

 Pine Needle Coiled Basketry   [2- 2 hour workshops] 

  •  Instructor,  Dorothy Meredith  $40.00
  • All materials provided for one complete basket with findings over two separate sessions.
  • Learn traditional coiling and stitching techniques

 Fabric Dyeing Techniques [under construction]

  • Instructor: Bonnie Ouellette
  • One day workshop. Kits available 

recycling ……………………………………………..

  1)  Upcycled Can Flowers   under construction

  •    Instructor: Chanda Morrison

  2)   Hanging Succulent Gardens

  •      transform old shovels, dust pans, drawers or frames into wall garden
  •      bark, moss and decorative wood provided / frames available for purchase