We Offer 3 Class Types

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1. Scheduled Classes Thursday and Saturday – for all age groups. Children’s projects using similar materials are available with many of these sessions at a reduced rate so you can participate and engage your kids.

 2. “Paint  Parties” Your Choice of Project and Dates- choose anything from the menu below or order your own custom projects. Step By Steps AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME for your club, work or church group, birthdays, girl’s night out… . If you are interested in scheduling  a private party—PLEASE fill out the form/pay deposit below. (refundable if Gateway cancels)

WE DO KIDS PARTIES! or call 864-613-2211

3. Lessons- Adults or Children –Drawing, Painting, Coiled Basketry, Wood Burning

Class Fee or Group Deposit



Sat June 15           1-3 pm   $25

LIFE  DRAWING with a live model  [no nudity] DSC_0060

This Model is scheduled for continuous sessions for those who want to hone their skills on and on-going basis.  All skill levels welcome; Come prepared to and have fun. MATERIALS: Bring a drawing pad and graphite; #2 and #4 pencils; smudge sticks and gum erasers. Gesture warm ups & review.

Thurs June 20      12-2 pm  $25


Heart Ache triptych M.Davis Acrylic 40h x 90w

Bring a starter set of tube paint, mixed media pad and several source photos; Learn tools, mediums, color mixing/building a palette. Private lessons available

Sat June 22           1-3 pm    $25 



Two glasses and bake-able dishwasher safe paint provided. Kids 11 and under can paint flat glass for 12.50. Lettering and other stencils and traceable patterns provided or bring your own.

Thursday June 27   6-8 pm  $25   3 hours


Do this Quote or use your own. Materials provided includes hardware for hanging, hhoks for leashes and toys.

TO BE Scheduled    OR    Paint Party Options…..

Good for Birthday, Holiday and Bridal Parties; Class or Family Reunions; Newcomers; Girls Day or Night Out; Clubs, Church or Work Groups; Kitchenette available. These projects are longer and more complex than the Fun and Easy projects further down.

“Special Memories [photo collage on free standing panels ] You bring : 6 photos and labels, stamps, ticket stubs, cards etc. from a special event or trip…We provide: scanner/printer for composite prints, ink; 3 -6 x 6 panels, paint, glue; stamps, found objects, quotes, textures and patterned papers  $40   2-3 hours

My EScape (3)

“My EScape”[painting] You bring: a land, sea or city photo from a trip or just from your backyard and we create a fanciful rendering for your personalized work of art.   Advance notice required for development.

Materials Provided 11 x 14 canvas.  $25  2 hrs

venetian plaster painting (2)Venetian Flower Vases-

[painting/stencils] Old world charm makes this project stand out. Choose from three patterns, cut your own stencil and paint! We provide a textured canvas; paint; brushes and sealer

$25 2 hrs

a little birdie told me (2)

A Little Birdie Told Me- [fabric printing] 3d         All materials provided: dryers, fabric, colorful dyes, stamps, inks, buttons, beads, sticks and paint.   $25   2-3 hrs




Jug of Flowers Folded Paper

 Van Gogh Flowers Folded Paper Painting                3hrs $35  Materials Provided. Use heavy paper stock to create a 3d image of a Van Gogh-Like flower vase.




Kids can try this on a smaller scale- $5

found object mosaic (2)Found Object Mosaics bring any metal, glass or other solid object to use with tile and glass  $35 3 hours


For 10.00 kids use beans to create a symmetrical design on a wood base


‘Painting’ with Live Moss-

Bring your own succulents if desired- all other materials provided. Explore the colors and textures of natural materials while creating a living work of art. Hang or place as a center piece on a shaded porch or keep inside. We supply an array of foraged and dried moss, lichen and air plants; barks, knotty twigs; prepared wood frame [ave. size  14 x 18]   Due to the prep time and materials this class is $40 but worth it.

Cut Paper Shadow Painting-   Design suggestions, paper, base, exacto knives provided.

Boxes or Glass Bottles- All materials provided: hat box quality cardboard or decorative bottle/cork; crossword puzzles, dictionary and thesaurus or sheet music; decorative and tissue paper, stencils and decoupage mix   $25  2-3 hours

“Paper Dream Catchers”  All materials provided: wire, paper, ribbon, glass beads for an 8″ dream catcher in your favorite colors or patterns   $25

“Japanese Koi Pond” All materials provided: Easy and beautiful     $25


Always available; 12.50 per hour; One on one or groups…… 


1) Home School  or  After School Basic Art Classes  Basic lessons: Review art history and artists of note; Learn different mediums and tools; k-12  one hour 15.00  All materials provided.

2) Painting 101– acrylic  or  oil—- start from the beginning   Choosing equipment; Color mixing; Surface prep; Subject matter; Composition;  Bring your own materials [paint starter set in tubes, inexpensive brush pack, watercolor or mixed media paper.             12-up  2 hour sessions  $25.00 

3) Basic Drawing 101 –   Advanced Drawing Also Available  Tools, Surfaces, Perspective, Line, Shape, shading.  Bring Sketchbook and choice of drawing tools.   Ages 12-up  2 hour sessions  $25.00

4) Painting with Charcoal    Learn new techniques that are useful to expand your work in own medium. Testimonials available.

5) Photo Editing for Painting   one on one or groups.  Learn to find good sources and that great composition you need to start; cropping; select filters and applications to assist. Bring your device.

6) Art Interns Ages 16-up  If art is your chosen field, learn the basics of show production; standard requirements; planning; reception prep and record keeping. You will receive a personal exhibit in our community room. Teach camp and earn a percentage of the total income.

2 Hour Easy and Fun ART PROJECTS 

PERFECT FOR: Birthday, Holiday and Bridal Parties; Class or Family Reunions; Newcomers; Girls Day or Night Out; Clubs, Church or Work Groups; Kitchenette available.  During any session, children are welcome to paint a Pet Rock or 2 Tissue Roll Animals $5 for supplies and instruction.

Seasonal Art Projects

Sparkling Christmas Bulbs   This stunning painting uses transparent acrylic medium to create a translucent gift or decoration.

Rolled Paper Christmas Trees   3d free standing tree made of recycled book pages. Add mini lights!

A Winter Forest    Exaggerated shapes and glitter make this project a fun group party.

Fall Leaves    Use the colors of the season to make a masterpiece!

Crazy Flower Garden    Ages 5 through 95 – this is just a fun class! Variations are available for younger children.

Eagle Flag and Fireworks   Celebrate patriotism on Memorial day, Veterans day or 4th


Hillside Houses–  A colorful fantasy painting of houses perched on a hill wherever in the world.  Whatever colors you like go together here!

Oconee County Farm-   Rolling crop rows and nestled farm houses come to life! Everyday sights become art.

‘EScape’             A Custom Land/Sea/City-scape our artists simplify on a canvas from your own vacation,  backyard or garden photo. Use this linear technique and your imagination take over.

Bird Nests          8×10  Stencils, sponges and brushes make this lifelike rendition of a backyard discovery.

Water Lilies       A relaxing painting of beautiful flowers anyone can do.

Red Barns  Go all abstract or get into the details- either way, the results will surprise you.

Mysterious Forest   A forest in winter with layers of branches and fun splatters.  7 &  up


Various Custom Designed Horse Paintings      Use stencils to get the dimensions and go from there!          The Barn Horse; T  he Gray Horse or   The Stallion

Pole Pelicans   Use a stencil, charcoal and paint. Be prepared to work but the final results will impress your family, friends and YOU!         3 + hours

Iridescent Koi   Stencil available.  Wax paper, ink and alcohol create glimmering fish in a vibrant pond.   Delicate Japanese style composition.

Other Paintings/Drawings

Broken or Stained Glass Technique   We take your choice of image and break it into facets that are painted in gradients of color, divided by black or contrasting lines. Simple but pretty.

Retro Macramé Wall Hangings–   18×24” $35