$15 Deposits and completed registration forms for each student are necessary to plan. DEADLINE IS THREE DAYS BEFORE CLASS

Class Deposit



April/May Classes


Coiled Pine Needle Baskets with embellishments Member [Non-Members Use Deposit Payment/Pay Balance in Person]


Monday April 15  and Wednesday April 17    3  $40 non-members $35 members 

Dorothy Meredith 

 10 am – 12:30 pm   [You will need time in between classes to build your basket before you can add embellishments or handles.]Learn the traditional art of coiled basketry. All materials provided: Basket bottoms, needles, sinew, beads and other embellishments. Call to confirm.


Acrylic Painting Basics


  Thursday April 25 6-8 pm   DEADLINE for Registration 3 Days Before Class

Instructor Melody Davis  $35 /2 hours

Introduction to color mixing, personal palette building, tools, brushes and mediums, techniques and surfaces. Call with questions and to confirm.

Acrylics are very flexible: they dry quickly or you can add medium to slow it down; they are transportable in short order; offer easy transparencies, combinations of various media and the best part, no chemicals and easy clean up.

It is as vibrant as any oil paint out there. I used high quality oils for 20 years and occasionally still do but I can get the same results with less mess!

  • Please bring a watercolor or multimedia paper pad [11 x 14 or larger]
  • A basic 5 piece set of acrylics containing medium red, medium yellow, ultramarine blue, black and white ( IN TUBES) plus burnt sienna and raw umber. We can mix from these quite well however other sets are available containing more colors- it is up to you.
  • If you care to purchase tubes individually and you intend to work in this medium, I suggest heavy body Liquitex paints which I use in my own work. Yes, they are more expensive, especially the red and yellow medium but they are denser (so you need less), more consistent and mix very well.

Other colors, mediums, brushes and tools will be provided.

LIFE  DRAWING with a live model  [no nudity]  Instructor: Melody Davis

I spent 30 hours a week on Anatomy and figure drawing in a top tier University arts program and have been using what I learned since then. I can offer insights into this subject matter that you may not receive anywhere else.

Come prepared to work hard and have fun.

MATERIALS: Bring a drawing pad, charcoal or graphite; #2 and #4 pencils; smudge sticks and gum erasers. There will be a generous gesture warm up and an overall review the last 15 minutes of our session.

Sat. April 27   1 – 3 pm $25 [4 students are needed to book this class]

Sat. May 18     1 – 3 pm $25 [4 students are needed to book this class]

Sat. June 20    1 – 3 pm $25 [4 students are needed to book this class]




Home School or After School Art Classes

Basic lessons: Review art history and artists of note; Learn different mediums and tools; Explore texture, color, line and shading; Understanding design principles; Follow your passion.   $12.50 per student/ per hour.   Group of 5 or more 10.00 per hour. Call to reserve a time.


Painting 101– acrylic or oil

[Color mixing and preparation; Choosing a subject and composition; Finish a project; Copy a Master]


Intermediate Painting– acrylic or oil

Call to schedule time 864-613-2211     $25/2 hours -ongoing

-One on one or group instruction. Bring your own materials.  


I Don't Want to Go Home Daddy M.Davis Pencil 22x28

Basic Drawing 101 – Advanced Drawing

Perspective.  Light and dark. Line Drawing.  Anatomy.  Portraits.  Hands and Feet.

Your decide.  Bring Sketchbook and choice of drawing tools.

One on one   OR   group  instruction  $12.50 per hour