213 E Windsor Street, Westminster SC 29693


A blank canvas.

We are currently renovating the building so it will be an ideal backdrop for artwork.         Our projected opening date is January 12 featuring local artists of distinction.                Please contact us for additional information.


We can get the word out.

Located on the corner of 76/123 [Windsor Street] and Lucky Streets, the building has high visibility which is a great advertising advantage. At just under 4,000 square feet and with 12 foot ceilings, it is an ideal place to create constantly evolving art exhibits and inspiring art classes.

Distinct Display and Classroom Spaces 

The “Main Gallery” which is the largest area is more formal and can house up to 80 works for each themed exhibit. Movable walls add flexibility to our show preparation. Our design features and fixtures have been created out of recycled wood, doors and frames. See the doors in place on the barn and then see them at the gallery.

Lounge areas make relaxing places to view and discuss the artwork.


The “Community Gallery”

focuses on personal community histories that correspond with the main art exhibit theme. This room will tell the stories of local families. Citizens are invited to enter unique and historical items for display free of charge giving visitors a glimpse into the lives of people who call Westminster and Oconee home.




                                                                                                     “Featured Artist” area

will spotlight one individual or a select group for the duration of the main exhibit. This area provides space for a prominent artist to highlight their body of work or functions as a special display area. Some who occupy this wall may be teaching a relevant class or workshop, judging an event or lecturing .




                          Our “Photo Wall” will display images of our events and visitors to the Center. This area is handled by our event photographer Jim Bandy.  It is intended to add a personal and candid touch to intrigue our visitors. This space will also offer an area (available to member artists) to sell smaller items and display marketing materials.


“Art in Action”  Bay Studios-


The Bays or “Art in Action” garage will house our classrooms and also function as an outdoor event and entertainment area. This large room will be an evolving work of art as our artists bring the walls to life-inside and out- with colorful images.



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