Art Pick Up – Feb 10, 1-5,  Feb 12 10-5,   Feb 13 2-5    Feb 16   5-8pm (at Juried Reception)

This invitational show is dedicated to artists working in Oconee County who have made an impact on the arts in our area. This diverse group is made up of professional and competition artists;  educators and facilitators: who, gathered together, produced an visually stunning event. Come out to see us.

The OPENING RECEPTION on  Friday,  January 12  was very well attended and we thank our community for getting involved.


Sailboat at Rest Paul Dohr $600
“Sailboat at Rest” watercolor Paul Dohr $600
Winter Wonderland Paul Dohr $600
“Winter Wonderland” watercolor Paul Dohr $600
Basket of Flowers Paul Dohr $550
“Basket of Flowers” watercolor Paul Dohr $550
Daisies in the Wild $500 (top) London $700 Paul Dohr
“Daisies in the Wild” watercolor $500 Paul Dohr “London” watercolor $700 Paul Dohr
Cedar Waxwing Paul Dohr $400
“Cedar Waxwing” watercolor Paul Dohr $400
1 Winter Warrior 2 Summer Shower 3 Spring Suite Donna Juras
“Winter Warrior” “Spring Suite” “Summer Shower” colored pencil Donna Juras
Lady with Dog Beti Strobeck $325
“Lady with Dog” acrylic Beti Strobeck $325
White Flowers on Aqua Beti Strobeck $700
“White Flowers on Aqua” acrylic Beti Strobeck $700
Pink Peony Beti Strobeck $280
“Pink Peony” watercolor Beti Strobeck $280
Girl Eating Ice Cream Beti Strobeck $225
“Girl with Ice Cream” oil Beti Strobeck $225
Girl with Polka Dots Beti Strobeck $225
“Girl with Polka Dots” watercolor Beti Strobeck $225
Maison du Luberon Beti Strobeck $850
“Maison du Luberon” watercolor Beti Strobeck $850
Walkalla Connie Lippert $800
“Walkalla” fiber with natural dyes Connie Lippert $800
Cataloochee Connie Lippert $800
“Cataloochee” fiber with natural dyes Connie Lippert $800
Acorn Basket Chris Troy
“Acorn Basket” ceramic-wood fired with salt glaze   Chris Troy
Wood Spirit Chris Troy
“Wood Spirit” ceramic-wood fired with salt glaze   Chris Troy
Cherry Burl #19433 Warren Carpenter $800
“Cherry Burl #19433” Warren Carpenter $800
Maple Family Warren Carpenter $1,100
“Maple Family” Warren Carpenter $1,100
Oconee Apples Patti Gobel $500
“Oconee Apples” alcohol inks Patti Gobel $500
Keowee Dreams Patti Gobel $350
“Keowee Dreams” watercolor inks Patti Gobel $350
Maasii Boys to Men Penny Little
“Maasii Boys to Men” fiber Penny Little
Birds on a Srhoenhut Piano Stan Du Bose $550
“Birds on a Srhoenhut Piano” clay and found objects Stan Du Bose $550
Owl Plate Stan DuBose sold
“Owl Plate” stoneware Stan DuBose (sold)
Trois Bateax Larry Bennett $275
“Trois Bateax” photography Larry Bennett $275
Fall Blue Ridge Larry Bennett $475
“Fall Blue Ridge” photography Larry Bennett $475
Dog with Orange Collar Robin Cooper $300
“Dog with Orange Collar” painted canvas collage Robin Cooper $300 FUN!
"Turtle in Flowers"   painted canvas collage   Robin Ann Cooper $650
“Turtle in Flowers”  painted canvas collage    Robin Ann Cooper $650
Gerome Carol Anne Adams
“Gerome” acrylic Carol Anne Adams
Yes My Ears Really are This Big Carol Anne Adams
“Yes, My Ears Really are This Big” acrylic Carol Anne Adams
Sophie Carol Anne Adams
“Sophie” acrylic Carol Anne Adams
Nuts About Wood I Larry Phillips $50
“Nuts About Wood I” Larry Phillips $50
"Nuts About Wood II"   Larry Phillips $45
“Nuts About Wood II” Larry Phillips $45


Gold Leaf Tree Diane Bartlette $129
“Gold Leaf Tree” Diane Bartlett $129
Angel Tree Debbie Rote
“Angel Tree” oil Debbie Rote
Sunlight Through the Glade Brenda McLean
“Sunlight Through the Glade” oil and cold wax Brenda McLean
SC Farm Country Brenda McLean
“SC Farm Country” pastel Brenda McLean
Steinhatchee Cottages Brenda McLean $350
“Steinhatchee Cottages” oil Brenda McLean $350
“Sanctuary”  pastel   Brenda Mclean
Grandaddy McElveen Shucking Oysters Faye Smith
“Grandaddy McElveen Shucking Oysters” watercolor Faye Smith
Grandaddy's House on Cedar Key Faye Smith
“Grandaddy’s House on Cedar Key” watercolor Faye Smith
Pedro Micheal Brown
“Pedro” oil Micheal Brown
The Road to Nowhere Micheal Brown
“The Road to Nowhere” oil Micheal Brown
Beaver Pond Micheal
“Beaver Pond” oil Micheal Brown
Blue Basket Julie Lamp
“Blue Basket’ woven basketry Julie Lamp

Hanging Basket Julie Lamp

Oconee Waterfall Bonnie Lamarand $70
“Oconee Waterfall” watercolor Bonnie Lamarand $70
Oconee Woods Bonnie Lamarand $70
“Oconee Woods” watercolor Bonnie Lamarand $70
Tree of Life Bonnie Lamarand $500
“Tree of Life” collage Bonnie Lamarand $500
Patsy-Like Bonnie Lamarand
“Patsy-Like” watercolor Bonnie Lamarand
Screaming (1)
“Screaming” acrylic on board Patsy Johnson
Screaming (2)
“Sun Kissed Landscape” acrylic Patsy Johnson $45
Pete's Drive In p
“Pete’s Drive In” mixed media Patsy Johnson
Elephant Girl
“Elephant Girl” mixed media Patsy Johnson
Self Portrait Patsy Johnson
“Self Portrait” coffee and gel pen Patsy Johnson
Death of Beauty Patsy Johnson $400
“Death of Beauty” acrylic and graphite Patsy Johnson $400
Jolly Rancher Patsy Johnson
“Jolly Rancher” acrylic Patsy Johnson
Fruits and Vegetables with One Slice of Red Velvet Cake, One Nutty Buddy at Chris Wallaces Funeral Patsy Johnson $600
Fruits and Vegetables with One Slice of Red Velvet Cake, One Nutty Buddy at Chris Wallace’s Funeral acrylic Patsy Johnson $600
Bananas Splitting Over Marilyn Patsy Johnson $630
“Bananas Splitting Over Marilyn” acrylic Patsy Johnson $630
Death of a Banana Patsy Johnson $600
“Death of a Banana” acrylic Patsy Johnson $600
"1933 with Poem" acrylic   Patsy Johnson $500
“1933 with Poem” acrylic Patsy Johnson $500
The Glove Patsy Johnson $600
“The Glove” acrylic and gel pen Patsy Johnson $600
Lady Assemblage Janice Nimmons $75
“Lady Assemblage” assemblage Janice Nimmons $75
Hound Dog Janice Nimmons $75
“Hound Dog” assemblage Janice Nimmons $75
Cowgirl Bouquet Deb King
“Cowgirl Bouquet” mixed media Deb King
Rooster Tales Deb King $240
“Rooster Tales” mixed media Deb King $240
Thoughtful oil Martha Driscoll
“Thoughtful”  oil  Martha Driscoll
Keowee Sunset on the Dock Joyce Driscoll $200
“Keowee Sunset on the Dock” watercolor Joyce Driscoll $200
On the Horizon Joyce Driscoll $300
“On the Horizon” watercolor Joyce Driscoll $300
Solitude on Jocasse (print) Joyce Driscoll $150
“Solitude on Jocasse” (print) Joyce Driscoll $150
Lunney House Museum (print) Joyce Driscoll $150
“Lunney House Museum” (print) Joyce Driscoll $150
American Heritage Diane DeMont $250
“American Heritage ” photography Diane DeMont $250
Old Mill Stream Diane DeMont $250
“Old Mill Stream” photography Diane DeMont $250
Music Resting Norman Lee $325
“Music Resting” photography Norman Lee $325
Wanderlust Donna Bradley
“Wanderlust” photography Donna Bradley
Jack Frost Donna Bradley
“Jack Frost” photography Donna Bradley
Sadie Louisa Lyman
“Sadie” colored pencil Louisa Lyman
Lace Agate with a Twist Diana Winuk $48
“Lace Agate with a Twist” Diana Winuk $48
Silver weeping Willow necklace Diana Winuk $50
“Silver Weeping Willow necklace” Diana Winuk $50
Gold Weeping Willow Necklace Diana Winuk $55
“Gold Weeping Willow Necklace” Diana Winuk $55
Trillium Donna Mayeur $500 (2)
“Eye See You” glass mosaic Donna Mayeur
Trillium Donna Mayeur $500 (1)
“Trillium” stained glass mosaic Donna Mayeur $500
Wisteria Monica Leaning
“Wisteria” oil Monica Leaning
Breathing Room Monica Leaning $300
“Breathing Room” oil Monica Leaning $300
Nubble Lighthouse Russell Carlson
“Nubble Lighthouse” photography Russell Carlson
Keowee Marina Moonrise Russ Carlson
“Keowee Marina Moon Rise” photography Russell Carlson
Whimsical Day on Lake Keowee Joy Kuby $850
“Whimsical Day on Lake Keowee ” acrylic Joy Kuby $850

Joy Kuby Author $15

Reflective Oasis Joy Kuby $850
“Reflective Oasis” acrylic Joy Kuby $850
Charlene Carlsburg Author $10.00 each
Charlene Carlsburg Author $10.00 each
Fly Fishing Brianna Lynch $100
“Fly Fishing” watercolor Brianna Lynch $100
On Pointe Bella Lynch
“On Pointe” acrylic Bella Lynch
Jazz Wax Glen Davis
“Jazz Wax” acrylic and resin Glen Davis
Laser Tag Glen Davis
“Laser Tag” acrylic and resin Glen Davis
Bouquet Tom Dimond $1,200
“Bouquet” mixed media Tom Dimond $1,200
Turning Tom Dimond $1,200
“Turning” mixed media Tom Dimond $1,200


Splat Wendy Converse $175
“Splat” embossed monoprint Wendy Converse $175
Nature Remains Wendy Converse $200
“Nature Remains” embossed monoprint Wendy Converse $200
Bound by Design Donna Persinger $65
“Bound by Design” encaustic Donna Persinger $65
Dreaming Naked Donna Persinger $75
“Dreaming Naked” encaustic Donna Persinger $75

Artwork by the Board of Directors

Can Flowers Chanda Morrison $30
Upcycled Can Flowers Chanda Morrison $30
Deconstructed Matthew Redding $500
“Deconstructed” oil Matthew Redding $500
Wahine Surfing Bonnie Ouellette
“Wahine Surfing” fiber Bonnie Ouellette
Dragonfly for Supper Bonnie Ouellette
“Dragonfly for Supper” fiber Bonnie Ouellette
The Divine Miss M Bonnie Ouellette
“The Divine Miss M” fiber Bonnie Ouellette
Self Portrait Barbara Bayliss
“Self Portrait” ink Barbara Bayliss
“Home” mixed media Barbara Bayliss
Red Bike Jim Bandy $125
“Red Bike” photography Jim Bandy $125
One for the Road Jim Bandy $125
“One for the Road” photography Jim Bandy $125

One Dancing Bird Dorothy Meredith $35

Four Happy Birds Dorothy Meredith $120
Four Happy Birds pine needles Dorothy Meredith $120
Chickadees Dorothy Meredith $150
“Chickadees” reed grass and acrylic Dorothy Meredith $150
'Found' Dorothy Meredith $150
‘Found’ pine needles and driftwood Dorothy Meredith $150
Gourd with Antler Dorothy Meredith $80
Gourd with Antler pine needles and found objects Dorothy Meredith $80
Hagood Mill Musician Melody Davis
“Hagood Mill Musician” pencil Melody Davis $700
When You Said You didn't Like Dogs, Do You Mean ALL Dogs Melody Davis
” hen You Said You didn’t Like Dogs, Do You Mean ALL Dogs” pencil Melody Davis

"Sun Block"  acrylic  Melody Davis  $1200

Intersections Melody Davis
“Intersections” acrylic/mixed media Melody Davis $5,000