• Alan and Melody Davis
  • Dorothy Meredith
  • Betty and Zettner Abbott
  • Community First Bank
  • Robert Hill
  • Mike Carlson
  • Bonnie Ouellette
  • Our Members and Artists

GRANTORS  2018/2019

  • South Carolina Arts Commission
  • City of Westminster HAT
  • Oconee County ATAX
  • Community First Bank

Board of Directors      July  2019

  1. Melody M. Davis –   Director/ Grants/ Admin & Networking/ Professional Artist
  2. Dorothy M. Meredith – Assistant Director/ Community Relations/ Special Needs Educator and Artist
  3. Alan B. Davis –      Treasurer / Community Awareness Projects
  4. Bonnie Ouellette – Secretary / Quilt Guild Liaison/ International Fiber Artist
  5. Nancy Basket-  Public Projects/Outreach Programs; Educator, Historian and Renown National Artist; Oconee County Point of Interest Studio
  6. Alexandra Daini- Operations Adviser, Artist and Fine Art Gallery Professional
  7. Jake Wilson-    Large Scale Art Installations/ Outdoor Art Expert
  8. Russ Carlson- Professional, Award Winning Photographer
  9. Dermot Bowden – Auditor and CPA 
  10. Alivia Davis – IT/Social Media Officer; Special Needs Project Developer