Gateway Arts Center will be the focus of Westminster’s visual arts activities. 

The Board of Directors is striving to make the arts available in all forms to everyone our community- through classes, scholarships, exhibits, community events, grants and collaborative projects.  This outreach service cannot be accomplished without participation from prominent business members and the dedicated citizens in our community. Depending on your level of involvement you will be recognized in Gateway advertising, entitled to reduced rates on classes, facility rentals and private events.

As A Member You Will Provide:

AWARDS FOR:   Exceptional artwork to attract the very best artists in the region -which in turn brings increased tourism revenue to Westminster and Oconee County

MATERIALS FOR:    Free “Make and Takes”; Public art installations: Community participation or camp projects: Research & development of age and ability appropriate lessons.

TUITION FOR: Underprivileged students for afterschool internships & camp classes.

SUPPORT FOR: Special needs students of all ages including Tribble Center Adults, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Depression groups

OPERATING EXPENSES:  To keep our doors open!

SALARIES FOR:  The most experienced instructors to guide our students.

Check Payments-

Click Here for Application Gateway Membership Application

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For New Members Using Pay Pal

Membership Level Benefits

Student Level

Must be currently attending high school or undergraduate programs


Individual Membership Level


  • Non-Juried Admission to annual members show
  • Reduced sales commission [from 30% to 15%]
  • Artwork promoted on website/linking to your website
  • Eligibility for the featured artist program
  • Option to use sales area
  • Gateway Booth festival display space
  • Use of open studio [5.00 utility fee]
  • 10% discount on classes
  • Reciprocal coupons for Music Centre events
  • Tuesday AM Coffee group- “Another Set of Eyes” critiques to help grow your art-                                    pastries and coffee included

Family Level


  • Includes Individual Basic Benefits
  • 10% off adult admission to private events & classes for all family members
  • Annual members show admission for family members

Donor Level


  • Includes Individual Basic Benefits
  • 10% off admission to private events
  • 15% off rate on booth space in festival events and a family discount on classes, adult and children’s events with charge

Patron Level


  • Includes Individual Basic Benefits
  • Sponsorship recognition on website,
  • publicity flyers, show programs
  • 15% family discount on private events, classes, children’s events and booth rental
  • 10% off facility rental  

Apple Level


  • Includes Individual Basic Benefits
  • Sponsorship recognition on website, flyers, show programs and email        campaigns for one year
  • 20% family discount on classes; adult admission to private events and lectures
  • reduced rate on event facility rental

Business Level


  • Includes Individual Basic Benefits
  • 25% discount on classes and lectures and facility rental
  • Free company meeting set ups for one year.
  • Advertising/logo in all Gateway publications, email campaigns, events. programs, posters and flyers for one year, plus permanent posting in house.
  • Special speaking privileges at opening events

           *In-Kind Donations-  will qualify for benefits

Click For Printable  Application  Gateway Membership Application

Cash and Checks accepted [ online payment coming soon!]