Gateway Arts Center 213 E Windsor St

Three Musicians, Picasso Mona Lisa, Da Vinci Starry Night, Van Gogh each 8′ x 10′

April 24 – April 28 April 28 – May 31 April 20 – April 23


The Scream, Edvard Munch   3′ x 6′   June 2-3


“Dogs Playing Poker (while waiting for a bath…)”

  • Classy Canine,  120 W Windsor St [123]                 
  • 6′ x 9′       Installed July 10 – July 13                                                                    
  •  Based on  “A Friend In Need”  by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
  • Reimagined and painted Melody Davis     

“Morning Glory”

  • Main Street Florist 400 E Main St [123]             
  • 10′ x  15′          Installed July 14 – July 16                                                                     
  • Adapted from on “Jimson Weed” by Georgia O’Keefe
  • Painted by Melody Davis  
  • Assisting artist Hannah Brinkley



“Home Run, Home Run”

  • S. Isundega St/ W. Main St   
  • 20′ x 27′  Installed July 17 – Aug 1
  • Designed and painted by Melody Davis
  • Assisting artist Jake Wilson

“No Place Like Home” Retreat Street Park

  • Designed and Painted by Melody Davis
  • 100′ x 35′  Installed August 6 – Sept 16 
  • Funded by The City of Westminster and generous citizens
  • Fun Search- for kids of all ages. 36 Creatures are hidden in this mural.                                Wishbrook Furnishings will have brochures (beginning Oct. 15)  or download ( in progress).  Age Groups- 4-6    7-9   10-12   Turn in your work for a chance to win a prize at next years Apple festival! 
  • Adapted from architectural rendering by Jennie M Harrison

Helpers: Jake Wilson, Nathan Tyndell, Chester Jefferson                                                           

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Pictured -as representatives of each branch of service honoring ALL veterans and their loved ones.  

  • Little Boy: Mason Venedam- saying goodbye to his father before his deployment
  • Lawrence Schneider served in the US Marines during WWII in Okinawa, Japan as a Machine Gunner; 
  • Christian Venedam served in the US Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa as an Ordinancemen; 
  • Olga Custodio  served in the USAF as a Pilot- the first of Hispanic descent
  • La’Shanda R. Holmes is serving in the USCG as a Helicopter Pilot- the first African American Woman, Air Stations- Los Angeles, Atlantic City and Miami;
  • Oscar Primm, 98, served in the US Army during WWII;  Inchon; Korea  &  Long Binh, Vietnam


“Blue Grass”  in progress

  • Retreat St and Main
  • 45′ x 6′    Installed July 28 – Aug 5  ..Restarted September 22
  • Contains images of Bill Monroe, Ezra Davis, Bassist from Ebony Hillbillies, Clint and Vic Blackwell and other unnamed local historic figures
  • Designed and Painted by Melody Davis

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  • 102 Toccoa Hwy  [Jct of 123 and 76]
  • 7′ x 12′  Installed August 9 -10
  • Drawn by Melody Davis
  • Painted by Jake Wilson


  • “Stitches” (Indoor) -W. Main and Isundega
  • ‘The Warrior’- Parks and Recs
  • ‘The Last Supper’- Zimmerman and Main
  • ‘Historic Apple Festival’- 298 N Piedmont
  • “Statue of Liberty”- Yousef’s  Kitchen 1109 E Main St [123] 


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