Pick up for “LIGHT and INK”  May 17 and 18 10-3pm




The Gateway Arts Center of Westminster South Carolina is a 501 c 3, all volunteer art exhibit and education organization that relies entirely on donations, grants and fees to offer services to the public. It is the council’s goal is to make a wide variety of art, history and culture accessible to people of all ages and from every walk of life especially Special Needs clients. We seek to engage the community by offering public participation events free of charge alongside classes and formal exhibits in our home gallery as well as the Westminster Depot, the Westminster Music Centre and the Lake Center at Jocassee. 

It is our mission to help open the doors of creativity to everyone.


  • Alan and Melody Davis
  • Dorothy Meredith
  • Betty and Zettner Abbott
  • Mike Carlson   Carlson Family Foundation
  • Bonnie Ouellette
  • Our Members and Artists


  • City of Westminster
  • Oconee County ATAX
  • Community First Bank

Board of Directors      June  2018

  1. Melody M. Davis – Director/Grants
  2. Dorothy M. Meredith – Assistant Director/Community Relations
  3. Alan B. Davis – Treasurer/IT
  4. Bonnie Ouellette – Secretary
  5. Alexandra Daini- Gallery Operations Adviser
  6. Jake Wilson- Large Scale Art Installations
  7. Nancy Basket- Native American Educator and Historian
  8. Russ Carlson- Photographer
  9. Dermot Bowden – Auditor 
  10. Alivia Davis – Social Media/Golf Fundraiser